7 Things You Need To Know About Mooncakes

Oct 17, 2022

What Is Mooncake? 

Moon cakes can be either round or rectangular, and their filling can be produced from jujube paste, lotus seed paste, sweet bean paste, or a combination of nuts and mixed nuts. During the Mid-Autumn festival, mooncakes are typically presented as gifts to members of one’s family and circle of friends.

This dessert has a dense texture and is often decorated with a stamp or design. Mooncakes typically have an egg yolk inside, symbolizing the full moon during the Mid-Autumn festival. 

A Brief History Of Mooncakes

Mooncakes are a traditional Chinese food that is eaten during the Mid-Autumn festival. The celebration is held to commemorate the harvest moon and brings together members of the same family. 

Mooncakes are sweet pastries that can be round or square and filled with bean paste, lotus seed paste, or fruit. On top of them, you may frequently discover an impression of a Chinese character that translates to “harmony” or “longevity.”

The Legend of Chang’e

Mooncakes have long been linked to Chang’e, the Chinese goddess representing the moon.

In the most well-known telling of the mythology, Chang’e was coerced into consuming the elixir of immortality that had been bestowed upon her husband Hou Yi as a token of appreciation for his heroic deed of snuffing out nine of the ten suns to save the world from a fiery death.

After that, she took a flight to the moon and transformed herself into the Moon Goddess. Hou Yi was inconsolable and tried to explain to Chang’e how much he missed her by presenting her with some of the pastries and fruits she had liked.

Since then, customs associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival have evolved to include the worship of the moon, the consumption of mooncakes, and the presentation of various fruits.

Variations Of The Legend

In Chinese, the story of Chang’e flying to the moon is referred to as Chang’e Benyue (嫦娥奔月), and there are various interpretations of this narrative.

After Hou Yi saved the world, one version of the story says that he turned into a tyrant and oppressed everyone. Chang’e swallowed the elixir and ran away to avoid being ruled over by him for all of eternity.

According to this interpretation, the members of the general populace acknowledged Chang’e’s sacrifice by laying gifts before the moon.

An Instrument Of Revolution

According to one urban legend, mooncakes played a significant role in the downfall of the Yuan Dynasty of Mongolia.

According to legend, Zhu Yuanzhang, the future founder of the Ming Dynasty, was the one who started a rumor that a terrifying plague was on the rise and that the only way to avoid getting infected was to consume a specific kind of mooncake.

It was thought that eating this mooncake was the only way to stay well and avoid becoming sick. The fillings were then used to conceal messages that provided specific details on the planned date of a nationwide rebellion.

The auspicious symbols on the cakes each included a hidden message in different storytelling. Because the sweet treat is usually presented in sets of four, the hidden message could not be deciphered until individual cake pieces from all four cakes were combined.

Regardless of whether or not these tales are true, they are widely believed and supported by members of the Chinese community. They may also explain why the pastry was so famous during the Ming Dynasty.

It is possible that common folk during that time celebrated the revolution by baking and eating cakes like this.

A Deeper Meaning Behind Its Delicious Taste

The concept of wholeness and unity is strongly associated with the round shape in Chinese culture. A full moon represents a happy and healthy home life for all family members. At the Mid-Autumn Festival, round mooncakes serve as a visual complement to the full moon in the night sky.

Mooncakes are more than simply a tasty treat. It is a rich cultural heritage deeply ingrained in Chinese people’s hearts and represents a sense of spirituality.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, people would either eat mooncakes with their families or give mooncakes as gifts to their loved ones or close friends as a sign of their affection and good luck.

Where To Buy Mooncakes?

The best place to purchase mooncakes is from a reputable bakery or specialty market. Because the most excellent moon cake bakery in town is here, you are in for a real treat.

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Choose some symbols that represent auspiciousness and good luck, or customize the mooncakes into the lapel pin and give them to your spouse or friends together with the mooncakes.

After tasting these mooncakes, the beautiful pins can be kept forever, which will make a unique holiday gift.

Celebrate with a mooncake from Supermoon Cheesecakes today. Happy Mooncake-eating!

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