Get To Know The Best Cheesecake In Mississauga

Oct 17, 2022

Recently, a lot of Japanese cake has become popular worldwide. Even more, cakes have joined the bandwagon of popular desserts in recent years. Beginning with that gummy cheesecake and moving on to that water cake. Without a shred of a doubt, every person appreciates it.

What is it about Japanese cake that makes it so unique that everyone adores it? Get to know more about the best cheesecake in Mississauga!

Know The Difference

In comparison to the world-famous New York Cheesecake, Japanese cheesecakes have a consistency that is noticeably less dense and more delicate (even though both are super delicious). They contain less sugar, making them an excellent option for people who are particularly conscious of the amount of sugar and calories they consume. 

The egg white is beaten until it becomes fluffy, which results in the pudding being extremely soft (and typically very, very jiggly). They are light and spongy, and the texture causes them to dissolve in the tongue. 

It should come as no surprise that people have such a strong affinity for cakes given that eating one, or even just gazing at one, can elicit such a joyful and gratifying experience. This is why the best cheesecake in Mississauga won over the hearts of the citizens!

A Brief History Of The Best Cheesecake In Mississauga

You can notice a trend developing with Japanese cake right now. In the past, this Japanese cheesecake has been exported to many parts of the world for close to 40 years. In the women’s magazines of the 1970s, there was a lot of cheesecake portrayed. 

In the late 1980s, other desserts that used cheese, such as tiramisu and cheese-filled steamed buns, began to appear, which helped to enhance the presence of cheese in Japan and its cuisine. The decade of the 1990s finally saw the beginning of the broad distribution of cheesecake in Japan, as well as interest in the dessert.

After World War II, American servicemen were the ones who brought cheesecake in the manner popular in the United States to Japan for the first time. The introduction of cream cheese and soft cottage cheese to Japan took place during the Showa Period (which lasted from 1926 to 1989).

Then, in the 1960s, a Japanese chef by the name of Tomotaro Kuzuno made a trip to Berlin, where he sampled kasukuchen, a sort of cheesecake that was popular in Germany at the time.

After returning to Japan, he took the cheesecake made in the German manner and the cheesecake made in the American style and blended them to make the first Japanese cheesecake.

Kuzuno mixed a variety of components, including cream cheese, butter, sugar, and eggs, among other things. This cake featured less cheese and less sugar than its American counterpart, which resulted in a cake that was less sweet and contained fewer calories. 

Then, before combining everything, he beat the egg whites and egg yolks separately before combining them. At long last, the batter was finished off by being cooked in a bain-marie.

The end product is a cheesecake that resembles a souffle or chiffon and is extraordinarily fluffy, light, airy, and wobbling. Iconic of Japanese culture.

The Many Facets Of The Best Cheesecake In Mississauga

Since it was first introduced, the number of people eating Japanese cheesecake has continuously grown over several decades. In the 1990s, it began to gain popularity in every region of the world. It has become a staple in many cafes and bakeries, offering a unique twist on traditional cheesecake.

Some say that the secret to its fluffy texture is using cream cheese and whipped egg whites, resulting in a light and airy cake. Others add ingredients such as matcha or strawberry to enhance the flavors. No matter how it’s made, one thing is for sure: Japanese cheesecake is a delicious treat that shouldn’t be missed. 

Whether you enjoy it plain or with added flavors, give this unique dessert a try and see for yourself why it’s taking the world by storm.

In addition to its reputation for its souffle cheesecakes, Japan is famous for its unusual cheesecake and baked cheese tarts. The conventional no-bake cheesecake from the West is the inspiration for the Japanese dessert known as rare cheesecake. 

The traditional Japanese preparation process results in a lighter, creamier, less sweet, and tastier product than its Western counterpart. Baked cheese tarts, which include a warm, gooey, and sweet cheese filling in individual tartlets, are perhaps the most current trend in Japanese cheesecakes.

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